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 Cracked,Split,Broken, Bumper Repair.  WEST MIDLANDS . With Quality Smarts Mobile Repair Service we can repair your Broken,Split,Cracked, Bumper at your home or workplace at your convenience The Same Day in most cases.So don't suffer the inconvenience and expense of having your car of the road call DEBBIE now for a free quote .In The Birmingham,Solihull,Worcester,West Midlands, And surrounding area

split,broken,cracked bumper repairs in the midlands

With Quality Smarts bumper repair techniques you now no longer have to suffer the inconvenience and expense of  taking your car to a body shop having the body shop discard the damaged bumper fitting a new one and charging you an exorbitant amount for holding on to your car for two weeks or more.

We at Quality Smart using SMART REPAIR TECNIQUES (small to medium area repair techniques) can repair almost all broken,cracked,split,damaged,scuffed, car bumpers at a fraction of the cost of a body shop and easily to the same quality but the main advantage of having your damaged bumper repaired by Quality Smart is the convenience of having the bumper repair at your home or workplace infact anywhere the car happens to be this has proved to be of great advantage over the years to our customers.The bumper repair usually depending on the severity of the bumper damage can be completed within three hours this process involves plastic welding the bumper prepping it then colourcoding it. Our technicians will mix the paint on site to the code on your car then with a trained eye can tweake the paint to an exact match this is a highly skilled job and takes years of experience and knowhow. The now repaired bumper is then basecoated and finished with a quality hardwearing glossy durable clearcoat that will last for years.

So if your car has a split,cracked,broken,or just scuffed bumper give Quality Smart A call for a free quote.Dont be put off by the severity of  your damaged bumper take a look at the prices page you may be pleasantly surprised.


Almost the same techniques can be applied to textured bumpers and car trim the difference being that the damaged bumper or trim is filled with plastic filler gel sanded back then retextured and recoloured back to original.


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With our roads being busier than they have ever been, your car is inevitably subject to dents, scuffs scratches and damage. Nothing serious enough for a trip to the body shop but enough to reduce the value of your car and the pleasure you get from driving it. SMART repairs are the answer.


 Quality Smart Repairs will save you time and money in repairing your car body damage. By having your vehicle repaired by us you will save money by not putting the repair through your insurance, which in most cases bumps up the price of your premium. Quality Smart Repairs is a fully mobile car body repair service (smart repairs), we will save you the inconvenience of losing your car for a long period of time as you would if you used a body shop service. We repair the damage on your car body at a place of your choice in the WestMidlands,Birmingham,Worcester,Bromsgrove,Halesowen,Stourbridge,area the job on average takes 3 hours and when finished your car can be used straight away



With Quality Smarts Mobile Repair Service we can even repair your Split, Broken, Cracked, Ferrari  Bumper at your home or workplace at your convenience.So dont suffer the inconvenience and expense of having your car of the road call DEBBIE now for a free quote on : 017886613345 or: 01562885998 .Quality Smart are a mobile company based in the West Midlands,Birmingham,Halesowen,Stourbridge,Hagley,Kinver,Worcester,area. FERRARI BUMPER REPAIRS

Mobile Homes And Camper Vans are prone to mirror housing and bumper damage this can become very expensive with mirrors alone costing a fortune to replace.Quality Smart over the years have developed a technique using Smart Repairs to repair broken split scuffed scratched or split car bumpers and dashboards this technique can also be used to repair camper vans and mobile homes with cracked or broken bumpers and mirror housings.we have recently used this technique with great results on a number of mobile homes with quite badly damaged and holed mirror casings and cracked bumpers.So if you have accidently smashed your camper van mirror or backed your mobile home into a wall and cracked your bumper save yourself a shed load of money and give debbie a call at quality smart.Any damage considered we can repair mirror housings and bumpers at a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

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